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Much we must do something for making a matured country.

글쓴이 : Younghyun Kim 날짜 : 2014-08-16 (토) 17:27 조회 : 2271
As one of all world peace and justice, this weak and uneducated world worldling is very honoured to pay respects to "Our Patriot, Ahn Jung Geun", and his great patriotism and the love of his homeland & the people. Never mest we forget his great sacrifice and sublime love of "Oriental Peace and Humanity or Mankind. And his eternal and endless love of the korean peninsula will be with all korean people, forever. Hope all korean people to descend his great achievement and ample spirits of world & oriental peace for all his korean fellow countryman or countrywoman.
From Seoul and Gyeonggi-do (a weak and mere low-educated worldling)